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Inlightning Healings

Remote Energy Healing Practice


About Inlightning Healings

Inlightning Healings is an energy healing practice that helps clients to achieve physical and emotional balance. Through a gentle and intuitive approach, clients can find the answers they need and the inner guidance they crave.

The sessions I offer are tailored to the individual, and no two sessions are the same. I work with each person to bring about profound healing and transformation in their lives. Come experience the power of energy healing and enjoy a journey of self-discovery.

A remote energy healing for a child is done without them on the phone. 

Remote Energy Healings

The remote healing I offer is a deep resonance of energies holding space for the client and their presenting issues. This process helps one’s nervous system relax and self regulate. I invite the release of energies, thoughts, and patterns that no longer serve the individual.

"I love conducting energy healing sessions for people so that they can tune into aspects of themselves to heal. To help them release energies, thoughts and patterns that no longer serve them. Energetically guiding them through their healing process, their realizations, and inner-shifting"

-Kajsa Ceder, Inlightning Healings

Remote Healings


Remote Energy Healing - 1 hr


Remote Energy Healing - 1hr 30min



"Kajsa gave me the freedom to expand and go into myself.  I am meditator as well, and this healing provided a deep release.  At one point I recall I didn’t feel my hands at all, as though they were not connected to me and a sense of floating and visions from various aspects of my life" 

Robin Sheldon

"What I discovered was a new way to look, a new way to reflect and a new way to feel about myself.  Having Kajsa do that with me was a comfort.  She was there to hold me in healing.  She was there to help me focus my mind on what can be rather then what is.I am grateful for her opening me to a new vista in recovery and health."

Dr. Charles Hanson

"I believe that within our session some things did shift within my being that allowed for greater healing, wholeness, and trust. So that there feels to be more tangibility to achieving my divine life. Thank you again and again."

Jennifer Davidson

"Kajsa has done a few remote healings with me. I have felt them to be powerful in a way that when they were over, within a few days my ailments had shifted and I felt better. The process itself is very peaceful and restorative. Also, Kajsa brings the emotional awareness as to why I felt the physical ailments, which I found to be helpful and insightful. I always look forward to me next session.

Julie McInally

Kajsa Ceder Remote Energy Healer

Kajsa Ceder


My Journey

My healing work stems from a desire to learn, grow, and develop as an individual. Through my experiences over many decades working as a Pilates teacher, cranial sacral therapist, and receiving healings through practitioners, my passion for learning about energy only continues to grow.

I consider myself sensitive and in-tune with my body, yet it continues to develop. My path became focused in energy after I was struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon in 2003. This pivotal moment initiated my energy healing work.

After that I began studying Shamanism, Shamanic Journeys, and Somatic Respiratory Integration. I became certified in SRI and integrated it into my practice. Always wanting to learn more, I also became a certified Cranial Sacral Therapist. My dedicated meditation practice beginning in 2007 has been an integral part of my journey in energy work.

I have worked with many profound energy healers over 30 years, some of which have personally mentored me, and after years of mentorship experience I feel confident in offering remote energy healings. 


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