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Kajsa Ceder Remote Energy Healer

My Journey

My healing work stems from a desire to learn, grow, and develop as an individual. Through my experiences over many decades working as a Pilates teacher, cranial sacral therapist, and receiving healings through practitioners, my passion for learning about energy only continues to grow.

I consider myself sensitive and in-tune with my body, yet it continues to develop. My path became focused in energy after I was struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon in 2003. This pivotal moment initiated my energy healing work.

After that I began studying Shamanism, Shamanic Journeys, and Somatic Respiratory Integration. I became certified in SRI and integrated it into my practice. Always wanting to learn more, I also became a certified Cranial Sacral Therapist. My dedicated meditation practice beginning in 2007 has been an integral part of my journey in energy work.

I have worked with many profound energy healers over 30 years, some of which have personally mentored me, and after years of mentorship experience I feel confident in offering remote energy healings. 


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